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Coram Deo: an unparalled adventure

Coram Deo

bear and Ringo crop-crop WP

the bear truth about riding the spiritual fence


curly sue-crop WP-crop

flying with God


nailed it WP edit

…nailed it…


tree bent WP edit

(br)oak(en) for righteousness


cloudy 100% miracle-crop WP

cloudy, with a 100% chance of miracles


banana beach WP edit

appealing to your heart


parking lot-crop WP edit

the (s)parking lot


Duck feet edit-crop WP

Broken Perspective


bird-crop WP edit high 5 edit

the grace-full high five


tunnellight WP edit

the few-ture


Mindy bird WP

truck stop rescue


birds tri crop edit WP

Three as One


grace wins WP edit

the win(d)s of grace


drops-crop edit WP-crop

beauty at the point of suffering


rose faded edit WP

the unfading Rose


brake light water color WP border

accountability is a deal braker


letter all in edit WP

return to sin-der


hair-crop edit WP



wings WP edit

Grounded flight of freedom (remix)

wings wp edit

Grounded flight of freedom

he sees i see edit crop wp

being clothes-minded towards Him

The Way in the Manger

The One Way in the manger

stake WP

you can’t fake stake


Convenient Jesus WP edit


vapors turn turn turn

A life danced to the rhythm of God’s wisdom…

plants WP edit Per-sway-did or Per-sway-dead?

faith rubber & waves enhanced WP-crop final

faith rubber meets the rowed

diamond WPdiamond in the rough
wrecker for the soul WP lens flarewrecker for the wrecked soul

tapping into hope-crop edit wp

tapping into hope

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAbeauty is in the ayes of His beholders
mole cross 2-crop editmeanwhile behind the seens