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The bare truth

In His wake up call


just 1 more

a window with a view
Aim high-“X” marks the spot

singing in the pain

said apart




Out of the shadows

soaring thoughts for sore minds

a chip on His shoulders




swept clean by grace

ɯʎ ʍɐʎ oɟ ʇɥᴉuʞᴉuƃ

Praying “A, B, C’s”

Under His (re)Construction

eyes toward the Son

Power Washing

General Revelation (re)Quest

The miracle of Him

Blanket Coverage

Coram Deo: an unparalled adventure

bear and Ringo crop-crop WP

the bear truth about riding the spiritual fence

curly sue-crop WP-crop

flying with God

nailed it WP edit

…nailed it…

tree bent WP edit

(br)oak(en) for righteousness

cloudy 100% miracle-crop WP

cloudy, with a 100% chance of miracles

banana beach WP edit

appealing to your heart

parking lot-crop WP edit

the (s)parking lot

Duck feet edit-crop WP

Broken Perspective

bird-crop WP edit high 5 edit

the grace-full high five

tunnellight WP edit

the few-ture

Mindy bird WP

trucks top rescue

birds tri crop edit WP

Three as One

grace wins WP edit

the win(d)s of grace

drops-crop edit WP-crop

beauty at the point of suffering

rose faded edit WP

the unfading Rose

brake light water color WP border

accountability is a deal braker

letter all in edit WP

return to sin-der

hair-crop edit WP


wings WP edit

Grounded flight of freedom (remix)

wings wp edit

Grounded flight of freedom

he sees i see edit crop wp

being clothes-minded towards Him

The Way in the Manger

The One Way in the manger

stake WP

you can’t fake stake


Convenient Jesus WP edit


vapors turn turn turn

A life danced to the rhythm of God’s wisdom…

plants WP edit Per-sway-did or Per-sway-dead?

faith rubber & waves enhanced WP-crop final

faith rubber meets the rowed

diamond WPdiamond in the rough
wrecker for the soul WP lens flarewrecker for the wrecked soul

tapping into hope-crop edit wp

tapping into hope

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAbeauty is in the ayes of His beholders
mole cross 2-crop editmeanwhile behind the seens
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